Pitchford Hall Visit 9/9/2020

We visited Pitchford Hall on a sunny afternoon, showing the Hall at its best.

The famous Tree House, photo arguably the oldest in the world, goes back at least to 1692. It sits in a large-leaved lime tree and is constructed in the same style as Pitchford Hall.  Queen Victoria recorded in her diary as a young princess that she watched a visiting pack of foxhounds from the treehouse during her visit to Pitchford Hall.

There has been a large house here since the eleventh century, when one is mentioned in the Domesday Book, and the present west wing may incorporate parts that go back about 800 years.  Much of the building has suffered from some neglect in the past, which the present owner is intent on correcting.  The exterior has some excellent woodcarving. With an interesting similarity to the heads on some of the Herefordshire churches, Pitchford’s woodwork has some carved faces at the foot of the decorative columns. Click here for a general view of the central and eastern wings (and some OBHAG members enjoying their cream teas).