Letter from Chair

Message to all OBHAG members from the Chair

Dear All,

First, I trust you are all keeping safe and managing to survive these challenging times.

The OBHAG Committee met last week to consider the programme for 2021 and discuss the ways and means by which the Group can continue to operate through this period.

It was agreed  that all existing memberships would be carried forward to the end of December 2021 without any additional subscription charge, but that any new members would be charged at the existing rate.

It is hoped that the meetings during the first quarter of 2021 can be held in the Methodist Church Hall, but should this prove to be not possible, then they will be held by Zoom. At the same time the annual address by our President, John Pryce-Jones will be held separately from the AGM. The provisional programme will therefore  be:

Jan 8 7.30pm Excursions on the Cambrian Railways in the Late 19th Century, by David Stirling

Feb 12 7.30pm Presidential address by John Pryce-Jones (topic to be announced)

March 12 7.30pm AGM

 This year’s April meeting which was to be a talk on Mad Jack Mytton had to be cancelled, and it is hoped that this can be rescheduled for April 9 2021 (to be confirmed by the speaker)

Of the three summer visits this year, we were only able to hold one, the visit to Pitchford Hall. Accordingly the evening visit to Llanfechain will be rescheduled to May 14 2021 and the all day trip to Anglesey to Saturday July 10. The destination of the June visit has not yet been determined.

We have been unable to hold any of our autumn meetings, so these will all be rescheduled to 2021 as follows:

Sept 10 7.30pm Old Oswestry’s boundaries and ancient routes, by Tim Malin

Oct 8  7.30pm Medical insights into Poor Law records, by Andrew Pattison

Nov 12 7.30pm Oswestry’s medieval bards: the first urban Welsh poets, by Eurig Salisbury

Dec 10 7.30pm The findings and significance of OCRP’s research on the Marcher castle at Oswestry, by Roger Cooper

We hope to continue producing the Newsletter online and to maintain the OBHAG website as normal.  If anyone has any short article or news item that they would like to disseminate  through the Newsletter could you please contact Heather Hidden.

Finally, OBHAG, like all such groups is heavily dependent on the efforts of a relatively small number of members. The committee is currently short of members, and if any member would like to join us as we try and keep the Group going through difficult times, could you please contact either me directly or one of the other committee members for more information.

As Her Majesty said in her television address to the nation earlier this year, ‘We will meet again’.

With all good wishes,

John Pinfold