Paul Brown

Paul Brown, ex OBHAG member now living in France.

In the 1990s Paul moved to Oswestry from Essex and became an active member of OBHAG. He now keeps in contact with us digitally and kindly helps to publicize OBHAG activities on his own website which also contains a wealth of local information.

Paul has many interests but his greatest passion is archaeology. He became ‘hooked’ when living in Essex and in 1977 founded the Maldon Archaeological & Historical Group

He was soon involved in the Lofts Farm project which extended over 110 acres of Essex farmland all destined to be quarried for gravel. Excavations went on for eight years, revealing evidence of human activity right back to the end of the last ice age. The site seems to have been occupied throughout the millennia with a huge range of Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age, Roman, and Medieval finds.

Paul has recently created an inspirational video describing the project and he continues with his efforts to fully document and archive the many discoveries.


Link to video

The online archive gives an idea of the huge amount of work involved and demonstrates how a group project can store and share records.

Online Version of Archive DVD – This contains high resolution scans of over 1000 slides as well as interim reports, notebooks, plans and drawings.

Paul is valiantly resisting the temptations of French archaeology as he is still involved with his Essex work. We would like to wish him every success with this and to extend our warmest thanks for his expert and generous support of OBHAG.